Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thoughts on being a Stem Cell Donor

The following piece was written, by my sister Amanda, yesterday as I turned +365 days.  Amanda was my stem cell donor and thankfully for me her immune system has settled nicely into my body and kicked the crap out of my cancer.  Thank you Amanda.

Pep Talk 365 Days Post transplant.

Dear Cells,
365 days ago I hoped that you would be enough. 365 days ago I prayed you would perform heroically. 365 days ago I asked that you would work above and beyond my normal expectations.  I put my faith, and hope and courage in you.  365 days ago you had poor odds for success and yet I prayed that you would fight hard and be unforgiving and succeed. 
365 days later you have beat the odds. 365 days later you have fought. 365 days later you have been unforgiving.  You have done everything I asked of you and more. You have fulfilled my faith, my hopes and refueled my courage. Thank you for what you have done, and what you have given me and my sisters. Thank you for keeping up the fight and being unforgiving. Thank you for being enough. 365 days later I know if faced against the odds I will have faith, I will have hope and I will have courage.  

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  1. WOW. That's all, just wow. I love you both.