Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Letter to my Husband

Dear Adam,

Happy Anniversary!  I imagine that when we said our vows eight years ago it never occurred to either of us that "in sickness and in health" might come so soon.  But it did and we made it and continue to make it each and every day.  Each time a doctor has tried to reassure us with the phrase "otherwise healthy" I have thought two things, 1)otherwise healthy my a$$, cancer makes me not healthy. and 2)Thank God I have Adam in my life to be the otherwise healthy that I so needed.

We were dealt a really crappy hand but I think we figured out how to play that hand one card at a time and as a result we get to stay in the game, together.  I can't promise there won't be other bad hands but I can promise that we will do all that we can  to play the hand and stay in the game.  Eventually even bad card players get a few good hands.  We've had some really good and some really bad...no need to head to Vegas right away but perhaps an afternoon playing the slots at Mohegan sun!

On this, our 8th anniversary, I thank you and I love you.


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